Tell Your Story

16 April, 2018

I was stopped at an office store today by the manager and asked how my latest book was coming along.

I told him my newest release will be available in October, with more to follow.

He asked how I had time to work full-time, manage a company, and write. It seems that he has had this idea in his head for years that he thought would make an excellent story, but he didn’t have time to write. This gentleman is married and his children have already moved out, but he still couldn’t find a moment to spare.

“Easy,” I told him. “I write a few words every day. Sometimes as little as 100 words a day, other days, more. But if I write 100 words a day, in 10 days, I have 1000 words. The problem is, I can seldom only ever write 100 words; that’s barely a paragraph. One day, I penned over 5000 words in under 4 hours.

“The more the story develops, the more addicted I become to the story and the more I have to write because I want to know how my own story goes. I often forgo other activities because I have to get that chapter out of my head. And unless I write, the story is never truly finished.”

He countered that he doesn’t know how to write and he was saving his story for retirement, which was years and years away.

Again, I told him that a few words every day will eventually lead to a completed manuscript, which, in turn, can take years to get published, if at all. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know if you can do it. I didn’t have any formal writing experience before I started to write, just the desire.

He was shocked at the timeline it took to get a book to print. I explained that a story could have multiple edits and re-writes. That process itself can take months to a year or more, and then there is the time needed for artwork or photography, formatting, and marketing before the book is eventually released. And often, it can take a new author years to complete their first book.

In the end, my advice was, don’t wait for retirement because you don’t know what the future will hold. If you have that idea inside you, get it on paper and tell your story.

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