The Pitfalls and Euphoria of Writer’s Block

16 April, 2018

Every writer will experience it at some point. You are writing your next great story, and all of a sudden, wham, you hit that wall. Writer’s Block. It all seemed to be coming along perfectly, and now you cannot seem to grasp the idea of where your story will go from here. It frustrates you as days pass while you are seemingly unable to progress any further.

But hey, don’t fret about it. Sometimes writing flows like a river, the sentences and paragraphs spring from your mind to the paper or screen faster than your hands can move. Other times, you may sit for days without coming up with anything new. Do not pressure yourself. Forcing oneself to produce usually ends up with the artist being far from pleased with the resulting work. Like any art, there are times when you are too tired, too stressed, or just have other things that need to be accomplished at the moment.

And one day, without warning, no matter what you may be doing, an amazing thing happens. The twist in the plot, or the amazing idea for how your story progresses will appear out of nowhere in your mind, and once again your juices of creativity will flow again, causing you to rush to your story, pouring out thousands of words with renewed ambition…

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