Writing: In its Place and Time

16 April, 2018

I used to think that in order to be a good writer, to seriously accomplish anything in prose, I needed a perfect Utopian environment.  The kind of stress-free oasis complete with waterfalls and tropical plants. The truth of the matter is that although I have a few choice places where I like to do my writing,  I am usually in the kitchen at the breakfast counter. In the summer months, I enjoy sitting in my favourite chair outside the side door of my garage, watching the “goings-on” in the neighbourhood as I tap away on my iPod.

There have been times where I was stuck with something I was writing, and I simply put it down for weeks at a time. Then suddenly, completely out of the blue, it will all click. I come home and pound out words like a demon possessed. I have great writing days surrounded by all the normal daily events that every family has – getting the laundry done, supper on the table and children running about. I have been strangely able to write whole chapters with music blaring and the dog barking outside at people passing by. I have come to learn that it has nothing to do with the physical things around me, but the mental place I put myself in, sometimes quite by accident which result in some of my best writing.

My best advice in this area to any new author would be: don’t pressure yourself about where and when you choose to write. It will happen for you, just find a place in your normal environment where you are comfortable, and let the words flow. You may go days without writing a single word, but one day you might sit down, and a fountain of words might erupt onto the page…

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