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Sands Press is a traditional, no-fee publisher interested in authors with creative fiction submissions wishing to develop and market their products. 

We are at the forefront of a changing publishing industry, and we recognize the sector's uniqueness as it is now. Writing is no longer restricted to WHO will publish your book but has opened up to WHEN you will publish your book.  Sands Press strives to meet the demands placed upon us by the authors and the market and is currently accepting submissions in most genres.

For bulk orders and inquiries, please contact:

Independent Publishers Group
814 N. Franklin Street Chicago, IL 60610

Toll Free: (800) 888-4741
Fax: (312) 337-5985
By EDI: SAN# S1151444

Canadian Distributor:

Manda Group
664 Annette St, Toronto ON M6S 2C8

Customer Service and Orders:

Toll Free:  (855) 626-3222 (1-855-MANDA-CA)

Fax: (888) 563-8327

U.K. Distributor:

Gazelle Book Services Ltd

White Cross Mills, Hightown, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4XS, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1524 528500

For individual orders, please look for Sands Press titles at,, Indigo, Coles, Chapters, Barnes & Noble, and wherever fine books are sold.

Sands Press Staff

Perry Prete – President

Shannon Horsley  – Submissions Editor

Laurie Carter – Editing

Renee Hare – Technical Services

Sandeep Likhar - Format and Layout

Learn About Sands Press

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