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Insecurity and loneliness eat away at Rachel Wharton as old debts and obligations compel her to accept a job in another city, leaving behind family, friends, and Morgan Hillier. The man she has loved since childhood. Stuck in a three-story walk-up, Rachel is forced to face her countless falls from grace. Regrets and recriminations have her questioning her life, her perceptions of love, bravery, and her inability to navigate what she can’t change. She’s always been a victim of circumstance – from her privileged upbringing, to the throes of unrequited love, and being stalked by a man in the shadows – never aware of her strength.


As Rachel struggles to accept life in a new city without Morgan, she flounders, regretting her decision to accept a job that anchors her to a mistake she can’t undo. It’s difficult enough to navigate the distance between her and Morgan, but her mother’s disapproval makes it problematic, putting further strain on their already complicated relationship. To make matters worse, her mother is right. And Rachel becomes a version of herself she hates – a poor slob in love.




A Certain Kind of Sadness – Jillean McClory

  • 978-1-988281-87-2

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