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Winnipeg 1913. Something happened to Marko Gobinski’s wife and daughter. Something horrible. The Ukrainian arrives in Winnipeg hoping to start a new life. But how can he when his past continues to haunt him? Mildred Spencer was beautiful, but not anymore. At least not since the horrible accident that left her with a grotesque scar on her face. Filled with self-doubt and apprehension in a society that doesn’t hold much regard for women, much less damaged ones, will she ever find true companionship? Can two people from wildly different classes ever be more than acquaintances? Hiding Scars follows Marko and Mildred as they struggle to find meaning and happiness during one of the most tumultuous periods of social upheaval in Canada’s history. They cope through The Great War, prohibition and the influenza epidemic, but can they survive Winnipeg’s explosive General Strike of 1919 when their past finally catches up?




Richard Zaric has had a passion for writing as far back as high school when he won the Nan Shipley Award for creative writing. Richard has been a researcher for over 25 years. His research skills helped uncover Winnipeg’s storied past. He graduated from the University of Manitoba (Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)) in 1989 and lives in Winnipeg. Hiding Scars is his first novel.


9 × 6 × 1 cm

Hiding Scars – Richard Zaric

  • 978-1-988281-41-4

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