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A terrifying tale of claustrophobia reveals a dark secret even more disturbing than the present ordeal.


What should be an idyllic family reunion turns to trauma when a demon from the past reappears to claim its victim.


An innocent girl investigating a series of brutal murders becomes warped in ways one can not imagine.


And a pit stop along a long highway drive may lead to love, or it may be the final destination in a bizarre twist of fate….


Award-winning mystery novelist Perry Prete returns with Highway 7: 4 Dark Tales, an anthology of unsettling horror stories that are sure to leave you shivering as you triple-check your locked door.




Also by Author: The Mind’s Eye, All Good Things, The More Things Change. The Things That Matter Most

Highway 7: 4 Dark Tales – Perry Prete

  • 978-0-9936753-7-9

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