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The life of Emmy-award-winning producer, Maggy Anderson, is abruptly interrupted when her father suffers a heart attack at his office in New York. She wastes no time leaving Los Angeles to be with him. Jim Anderson, an entertainment and publishing mogul, survives the surgery and returns to his family estate in the Berkshires to recuperate. Maggy insists on helping him out at home and with his business while her primetime television show, LA Docs, a medical drama, is on a hiatus.


But Maggy is thrown off her game when unexpected chemistry with her father’s doctor, Dr. Mark Richards, jolts her into a tailspin. Mark recently took over a private practice in the small town of Maple Ridge and has secrets of his own stemming from his tours in Afghanistan and challenges of PTSD that still haunt him. But day after day, circumstances bring them together unexpectedly, and their feelings for each other grow stronger and cannot be denied.


Unable to avoid him and faced with almost losing her father, Maggy finds herself at a crossroads, questioning her happiness and choices in life, and feels further challenged when she discovers the contents of her mother’s prayer box in the attic. And when Maggy’s new television pilot is green-lighted, circumstances pivot, and the chance for Mark and Maggy to be together appear dim. Does she dare dream a new dream for herself? Will Mark wait for her, or will he choose love from the past?


Only a return home will bring love to both.



5 Star Review by KarenC on Booksprout


Mark recently moved to town, taking over an existing medical practice, as he's looking for a slower pace to keep his PTSD in check. Maggy comes home when her father has a life-altering health crisis. Maggy and Mark have a connection, but her life is in LA, and she's worked far too hard to give up now. She has a spiritual connection to her deceased mother, and finding her mother's prayer box in the attic opens her eyes and heart to compromise and new beginnings. This is an amazing and beautiful story. It's the first book I've read from the author, and it won't be the last.


Congrats Susan, read below: 


These titles are in the running for the SHORT LIST of the 2023 Chatelaine Book Awards novel competition for Romantic Fiction!

Join us in cheering on the following authors and their works in the 2023 CIBAs.

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  • Douglas Bachmann – Afterlife
  • Claira Towers – Just a Number: A Love Story
  • Kathryn Brown Ramsperger – A Thousand Flying Things
  • K.S. Jones – Once In a Bluebonnet Moon
  • Jeanette Watts – My Dearest Miss Fairfax
  • Charles M. DuPuy – Rescue Man
  • T.K. Conklin – Guarded Hearts
  • Morgan Sloan – Stableshoes
  • Edie Cay – A Viscount’s Vengeance
  • Kathleen Stone – Hey Jude
  • Gail Avery Halverson – A Sea of Glass
  • Hope Gibbs – Where the Grass Grows Blue
  • Betty Codd – Agatha
  • Laura Albu – The Undines
  • Alice McVeigh – Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
  • George T. Arnold – Old Mrs. Kimble’s Mansion
  • Bonnie Rose Ward – Loving Beth
  • Catherine Tinley – A Laird for the Highland Lady
  • Carmela Dutra – Love Extra Credit
  • KB Taylor – Hattie’s Family: Through the Eyes of a Dairymaid
  • Suzanne Baginskie – Dangerous Revenge- Book 2 of The FBI Affairs Series
  • S.G. Blaise – Proud Pada
  • Patrick Greenwood – Sunrise in Saigon
  • Lynn Yvonne Moon – Fish Scales
  • Rose Prendeville – Mistress Mackintosh and the Shaw Wretch
  • Wendy Rich Stetson – Heartsong Hills
  • Jerry Gundersheimer – Reach: A Nexus of Life and Love
  • Robert Beatty – No Other Name
  • Yvonne Korshak – Pericles and Aspasia: A Story of Ancient Greece
  • Paul Buchheit – 1871: Rivers on Fire
  • Marie Jones – Those We Seek
  • Eve M. Riley – The Outcast
  • Carol Van Den Hende – Always Orchid
  • KD Sherrinford – Song for Someone
  • Nancy Herkness – Royal Caleva: Gabriel
  • Evie Alexander – Love ad Lib
  • Kelly Miller – A Dutiful Son

Home for Love - Susan Bagby

  • 978-1-990066-32-0

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