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Several decades have passed since the Korean War. For one veteran, Willy Carson, the horrors live on. Compelled by a need to exorcise his demons, he has sculpted haunting effigies that tell a silent tale. Willy became a rich man by keeping his promise to never breathe a word of those memories to anyone. But, happenstance and fate have decided to intervene. Something is causing a manifestation in Willy that will open the door to an unimaginable horror that only a handful of people know about. A group of handpicked elites that was formed back in 1947 for one express purpose-to suppress certain information by any means necessary. That original group, and their heirs over several generations, have been privy to the reasons why people like Willy Carson had to suffer in silence. While billions of people around the globe struggle daily with the horrifying events that nature and the planet seem to be thrusting upon them, a small circle of the most privileged know what’s really happening…and why. Is it sometimes better not to know? 




Also by Authors: Skeleton, Headhunter, Serpentine

Majestic – Peter Parkin & Alison Darby

  • 978-1-988281-12-4

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