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Mike Baxter together with his three best friends and partners, are enjoying their annual golfing vacation in Florida when tragedy strikes, turning their all too comfortable world upside down. The four friends are now down to three, and they quickly become embroiled in an apparent embezzlement scheme that their dead friend seemingly engineered. The company that bears Mike’s name is in the thick of it, and the friends desperately attempt to buy time before being forced to disclose the deception to their board of directors. But, was it simple embezzlement? Or…something far more sinister and horrifying. Mike has a past that hasn’t been forgotten…by someone. And that someone is a brilliant and brutal puppeteer who will stop at nothing to make sure that Mike, as well, remembers it.


Peter Parkin was born in Toronto, Canada and after studying Business Administration at Ryerson University, he embarked on a thirty-four year career in the business world. He retired in 2007 and has written seven novels, the last four with co-author Alison Darby.


Alison Darby is a life-long resident of the West Midlands region of England. She studied psychology in college and when she’s not juggling a busy work life and writing novels, she enjoys researching astronomy. Alison has two grown daughters and works in the vibrant city of London




Also by Authors: Serpentine, Majestic, Headhunter, Skeleton

MetroCafe – Peter Parkin & Alison Darby

  • 978-1-988281-49-0

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