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Rosemary O'Brien, a painter living in the West Village in New York City, still reeling from the loss of her fiancé three years later, must move out of their shared home and find meaning in her new life by beginning to date again and answering a request for proposal to paint a large scale mural in a new Korean tea house, owned by none other than Jordan Park, the man who moved into her old apartment.

As Rosemary and Jordan butt heads at first, Rosemary questions what it means to "move on" from grief, from her late fiancé, and from the place she called home for so long and how she can still love someone else without compromising her love for her old life while uncovering what makes a house, a home.





I adored this plot forever and ever!

For the first time, I did not want this story to be over with, I loved every second of it. I wanted to carry on and throw myself deeper into their lives. I absolutely love this book, and I'll cherish it forever! It's spectacularly written, it's a heart-warming story, and I'm so pleased that I came across it. Meghan Schiereck is an amazing talented writer. I felt that this storyline was wholeheartedly written, and I much appreciate that! This plot is tremendously engaging and heart-warming and it's packed with blissful moments between the two main characters Rosemary and Jordan. This story put a smile on my face from the beginning until the end and a comforting buzzing in my tummy while devouring it :) I loved Rosemary inner bubbling and her reveries with potential scenarios with Jordan, outa girl :) Jordan is such a sweetheart, caring, and her protector in many ways. This plot invoked in me many feelings toward some of my views and how perspectives play a massive role in our lives. Needless to say that this story has now become of my favourites! I highly recommend this amazing plot, story, and author to everyone into this genre!



Please Don't Die

Please Don't Die by Meghan Schiereck is a good, and enjoyable slow-burn romance read. The story has a great entertaining world world-building storyline that is a beautiful and gentle romance that is a must-read. This story is a well-written read. The characters are great, and they have great chemistry. This story is a very entertaining feel-good romance read. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.




Second chance

Rosemary needs to get out and have a fresh start as best as she can to make new memories. She takes things slowly, taking each minute as they come and she shows appreciation for the little things while frequently slapped in the face with grief. Rosemary goes back into the dating world and immediately has a match. From here on out, the story follows Rosemary's extremely slow attempt at a second chance at love. The book is written in the present tense so readers read the narrative in real-time. This is a personal pleasant way to read since nothing in the future can be foreseen and readers learn what happens at the same time as the characters. This makes for extremely intimate and personal storytelling, particularly as the story is told in the first person.

Please Don't Die by Meghan Schiereck

  • ISBN 978-1-990066-26-9

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