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Maggie Lancaster has a secret. She was glad her husband William died in World War I, even if the war took everything else she loved, including her brother. Her happiness turns to terror when, seven years later, William comes home, unable to speak and with no memory. Where was he? What really happened on the battlefield? And has William changed from the cruel, possessive man he once was, or is he hiding something far more sinister beneath his miraculous resurrection?


Maggie revisits events from before the war, uncovering secrets that may hold the key to William’s return. But when Maggie discovers what William’s actions were while in the trenches, Maggie realizes more than her happiness is at stake.


Bess Hamilton was born and raised in St. Marys, Ontario. While her roots are in southern Ontario, she now calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, home. Remembrance is her first novel.



Remembrance – Bess Hamilton

  • 978-1-988281-43-8

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