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Memorial Day had always been a special occasion for Dr. Sandford (Sandy) Beech and his precious family, filled with innocent pleasures like ice cream, clowns, and street performers in the warm Boston sunshine. Most heartwarming of all were the smiles of his lovely wife and two children as they joined together to celebrate one of the most sacred of American holidays. But one fateful Memorial Day Sandy learns first-hand how a blessed life can transform to horror in the blink of an eye. Forced to look at his life through a different lens, Sandy is surprised to find the lens itself changing focus after an unexpected encounter with a former classmate and nemesis, now a prominent politician edging closer and closer to the Oval Office. As Sandy begins to connect the dots in a mystery that puts his friends in grave danger and threatens his own life, his need for revenge and justice evolves into something he never could have imagined. Sandy’s life becomes a chess game, careening perilously towards a chilling and insidious checkmate that might not actually be the end of the game.




Peter Parkin was born in Toronto, Canada and after studying business administration at Ryerson University, he embarked on a thirty-four year career in the business world. He retired in 2007 and has written eight novels, the last four with co-author Alison Darby. Alison Darby is a life-long resident of the West Midlands region of England. She studied psychology in college and when she’s not juggling a busy work life and writing novels, she enjoys researching astronomy. Alison has two grown daughters who live and work in the vibrant cities of London and Birmingham. Also by Authors: Serpentine, Majestic, Headhunter, Skeleton, MetroCafe, Mule, Letters From a Killer

The Ascendant – Peter Parkin & Alison Darby

  • 978-1-988281-73-5

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