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Peace has reigned in the world of Evaria after the defeat of the evil reptile warlord Cyrus Malthor at Nimisor, and the chameleon mystics have reclaimed the Gecko’s Gate from him thanks to three young reptile heroes, foretold in an ancient prophecy. Now, darkness stirs in the realm once more with the appearance of a new Emperor of Stigia, and a sinister plot to assassinate the Chameleon King Maxxus.


Join Chase, Jonas, and Kiko along with new friends as they travel across the realm in search of the necessary items to save the beloved King, and stop the Empire of Stigia from threatening their peace.




Also by Author: The Scrapbook Quests, The Magic Cat, The Gecko’s Gate (The Gecko’s Gate: Book 1), The Gecko’s Gate: The Empress (The Gecko’s Gate: Book 3)

The Gecko’s Gate: Assassins (The Gecko’s Gate: Book 2) – Dennis Stein

  • 978-1-988281-19-3

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