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On a planet ruled by reptiles, amphibians and insects, three young friends are faced with the task of saving their entire world from annihilation by a wicked and terrifying warlord.


When the evil lizard Lord Cyrus Malthor sets out to claim the realm for his own, it is up to brave Chase, wise Jonas, and feisty Kiko to embark on a great adventure that will determine the fate of their beloved homeland and the future existence of the peace-loving reptilian races. After Cyrus lays claim to the Gecko’s Gate, a magical artifact that has the ability to transport him and his armies anywhere in the blink of an eye, he appears unstoppable. Little does he know that an ancient prophecy has foretold that three will unite against him and hinder his great plan.


Join Chase, Jonas and Kiko as they journey through lush rain forests, hidden caves, and scorching deserts, meet mysterious amphibians and powerful leaders, and battle giant insects and formidable armies in their quest to regain the Gate, fulfill the prophecy, and rid their world of Cyrus Malthor once and for all.




Also by Author: The Scrapbook Quests, The Magic Cat, The Gecko’s Gate:Assassins (The Gecko’s Gate: Book 2), The Gecko’s Gate: The Empress (The Gecko’s Gate: Book 3)

The Gecko’s Gate (The Gecko’s Gate: Book 1) – Dennis Stein

  • 978-0-9936753-5-5

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