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A rogue virus alters human DNA, causing a mutation which infects most of the world’s population. Those immune to the virus must survive any way they can, as the two groups fight for dominance. The infected mindlessly hunt at night, humans travel and forage for food during the day. Rumours have spread of an area free of the infected in the cold barren land permanently frozen in Northern Canada where the infected cannot survive.

A girl, alone and scared, is rescued by one of the infected, forming a bond that may change the course of how these two groups will live with each other.

As their unlikely friendship grows, she realizes that peace may be possible if others can learn to accept them. Until everything changes.



A virus infects the world with an infection altering their DNA. The Infected live at night, humans during the day. Each group avoids the other, as humans search for an area free of The Infected until an unlikely bond occurs between the two.




Sherry Fundin

4.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous ending....

Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2023

First off, I LOVE THE COVER! I have been indulging in my need for an apocalyptic fix and The Infected by Perry Prete was a great addition to my binging. The Infected is an original take on a zombie apocalypse.

John awakens, not even remembering his name, as one of The Infected.

We meet Carrie Jordan when she is alone. She is a bada**. She does what is necessary to survive. I thought I knew where this was going, but….

The humans rule the day, the zombies the night. I knew John and Carrie would have to come together at some point, seeing they are the main characters, but I didn’t anticipate how. Perry Prete is not afraid to kill any of his characters off, so, even though I came to like a couple of others and thought they might join up with Carrie, it was not to be.

We do have all the grossness of zombies, attacking and eating most anything they can get their hands on. Even mice, fox, and other animals became zombified. One of the grossest moments to me, was when Perry Prete had a zombie with their lip ripped off, and as the zombie attacked another, they didn’t realize they were eating their own lip. LOL People travel miles alone, sometimes meeting up in small groups for the protection it offered. Big groups did the normal, used and abused others they considered beneath them and disposable. Of course, The Walking Dead came to mind and made visualizing Carrie’s dilemma easy.

I had many notes in my ereader, but because I was surprised by the ending, I didn’t want to share too much. I didn’t see it coming and I want you to enjoy finding out for yourself. The ending deserves a star of it’s own and I LOVED IT! I could see it playing out in my mind. I was sad, angry, may have even cheered when….I love an author who writes with such mastery that the book comes to life right before my eyes. If you are looking for some zombies that are a little bit different, The Infected by Perry Prete is a must read.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Infected by Perry Prete.


The Infected by Perry Prete

  • 978-1-990066-07-8

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