In the summer of 2000, Ethan Tennant, Tom Lister and Galen Hoese work together to catch the killer of young girls during the first summer of the new millennium.


Young, innocent girls play in the summer heat, oblivious to the dangers around them, only to fall prey to the worst type of death possible. Parents, neighbours and the police are frustrated by the lack of progress on the case. The killer is always one step ahead of the police, and seems to know more than the police investigating the crimes. It’s not until Ethan and his new girlfriend become involved that the pieces of the puzzle begin to form a complete picture. But does anyone really want to see what had remained hidden for so long?


Also by Author: The Mind’s Eye, All Good Things, The More Things Change, Highway 7: 4 Dark Tales

The Things That Matter Most – Perry Prete

  • 978-1-988281-07-0