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A Liane Moriarty thriller set in a New Zealand boarding school.


Aiko, a 16-year-old girl, is found in a coma on her bed in an exclusive boarding school. She's clutching a bottle of pills, but was it really a suicide attempt? Madeleine Smith, the school principal blackmailed into dealing drugs, needs the overdose incident to be ruled a suicide attempt, before the police remember the tragic drowning of one of the school’s teachers only a few weeks ago.

THE WRONG GIRL is a book-club thriller about being a woman in a modern world, normalising diversity, about not living according to labels, and about seeking your own version of happiness. Aimed at murder mystery lovers and mothers of teenagers, it can also be enjoyed by YA audiences.





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Constable Zero takes charge of this case because it's not a murder investigation and, at first glance, this is an attempted suicide case. Madeleine had called the police but she worries the truth about a previous death will come to light. Zero investigates this case while juggling personal struggles and issues at work. The story also features different character perspectives to provide readers with an overall view of the narrative, following their mental state and motivations. The police procedural story is heavily female-based due to the stereotyped themes explored such as abused girls, gender dysmorphia, and chauvinistic men.

The Wrong Girl by Yvonne Eve Walus

  • ISBN 978-1-990066-30-6

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