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Small towns seem to have the greatest tragedies occur, and Stanton, Michigan is no exception. The senior class of 2012 should have had it easy with only two weeks of school left. To his fellow classmates and teachers, Sam Miller was ready to take his incredible athleticism and incontrovertible attitude off to college where he’d continue being one of the greatest quarterbacks in the Midwest. But as soon as the gun was fired on the night of May 14th, everything changed. Sam left behind so many people who were left wondering why he would do such a thing. This especially affected his best friend Jack Sampson. To try and cope, Jack shuts himself off from the outside world. When he emerges, he’s approached with an alternate theory from a mutual friend. Was Sam’s death really a suicide, or was it a murder?


Henry Cline was born in 1994 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has been writing since he was seven and started writing novels at the age of eleven. His other passions include playing the electric guitar, cooking, and baking. His first album, ‘Resilience’, was released in September of 2016.


Also by Author: The Platinum Briefcase


9 × 6 × 1 in



Too Close For Comfort (The Jack Sampson Mysteries: Book 1) – Henry Cline

  • 978-1-988281-39-1

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