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Fifteen long years have passed since Cathy Clarkson bid goodbye to her eight-year old daughter Emily, as she happily rode her bike off to school. Little did Cathy know that it would be the last time.Emily disappeared without a trace. But, a violent storm revives the anguish and memories. A large tree is uprooted in the backyard of their close friends, ripping open an abyss…and with it the Clarkson’s hearts.Emily’s little pink bicycle with the white handlebars is laid bare, buried in the ground no longer.Hundreds of miles away, psychic investigator, Jeff Kavanaugh reads about the discovery in the news, and the photo of the bicycle conjures up visions in his mind of the long-lost Emily, and what she might have encountered the day she disappeared. He’s also convinced that, after all this time, she’s still alive.Jeff’s aunt, also a psychic, counsels Jeff that there’s a reason he reacted to the news article the way he did. For, in some way, directly or indirectly, he has a connection to Emily that he’s not consciously aware of. Jeff and his partners in his private detective agency, offer their services at no cost to the Clarksons. Because, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t shake the thoughts of little Emily from his mind, nor the magnetic pull of her ghostly images.As they begin to connect the dots in a vastly more complex and diabolical plot than they ever could have imagined, the plot itself begins to push back against them in devious and dangerous ways. Jeff and his team valiantly attempt to pull the curtain away from a powerful and dangerous puppeteer who himself has powerful benefactors. It gradually becomes clear that there may be only one way to bring an end to the monster’s reign of death, chaos, and heartbreak. Uprooted’ is the sequel to Parkin’s popular novel, Headhunter.’ But, even though a sequel, the novel is written in a way that it can also be enjoyed stand-alone.



Uprooted – Peter Parkin

  • 978-1-988281-89-6

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