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A New Beginning, the second book in the series, follows Amelia as she returns home to San Francisco from Ireland. She is determined to resume life there and see if a long-distance relationship has potential. Amelia approaches her time with Padraig with the best intentions but will experience ups and downs like the cable cars of her beloved city. She settles back into work and cherishes phone calls and emails with Padraig, but doubts creep back in, helped by a long-time friend who challenges her resolve and Gwynn’s renewed advances toward Padraig (and his refusal to rebuff them).

David, Padraig’s best friend, makes a surprise visit, starting as a work endeavor but turning to an interest in Amelia. Will her feelings for Padraig be strong enough to resist the charms of another Irishman who is all too ready to make some big changes of his own?

With a new cast of characters giving her advice, Amelia tries to navigate this new piece of her life and hopes to answer the question: Can love grow across the seas?


Book 1, Beginning's End by Emily Pickard available at your favourite book store. 

A New Beginning by Emily Pickard

  • 978-1-990066-50-4

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