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Best friends Amelia and Kathleen take a long-awaited trip back to Ireland, where adventure lurks around every corner. Amelia's twin sister, Anne, is finally getting her dream wedding in the small town of Doolin on the west coast of Ireland, and Amelia and Kathleen decide to sightsee before Anne's big day. Their travels start in Dublin, where the two visit Temple Bar and Trinity College. It's also where Amelia meets the irresistible Padraig, at a quaint B&B. They then rent a car to explore the beautiful countryside, planning on a leisurely drive around the lower half of the island—stopping at Blarney Castle and the Ring of Kerry—before making their way up the western coast and arriving in plenty of time to join the wedding festivities. Amelia is conflicted on her blossoming feelings for Padraig, and Kathleen—happy her friend is finally opening up to love again—makes sure to keep pointing it out. Kathleen then starts to reveal her own unhappiness with where life has taken her. As one thing after another refuses to go according to plan and Kathleen hints she might stay in Ireland for good, Amelia starts to wonder: can one trip really change her life forever?



Beginning's End by Emily Pickard

  • 978-1-990066-03-0 

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