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ISBN 978-1-990066-15-3

Can a heart be healed in time for a Christmas wish to come true?


When an unexpected event in the children’s television world of New York catapults Alison Rockwell, a young assistant, into the role of head producer for the first time, she finds herself whisked away to the country, solely responsible for the network’s most significant Christmas production.

With the threat of cancellation if ratings don’t improve, Alison depends on the help of her vivacious yet somewhat mysterious host, Jake Sanders.

Jake Sanders, a handsome widower with a nine-year-old daughter, is still reeling from the grief and guilt of losing his wife three years prior but is surprised by this spirited producer.

Alison eventually finds out Jake Sanders has hidden secrets of his own, and her trust in him is shaken. But when a conspiring boss determined to undermine her efforts becomes a threat, Alison knows she needs Jake’s help to succeed and continues to work with him but can’t ignore the growing chemistry between them.

As events transpire, Alison finds herself faced with an inner dilemma of making choices in her career and following her heart. Will she wait for Jake to commit to her, or will she choose her fate on her own?




Tommaso Di Magio Dec. 3, 2022

This is, on the surface, a lovely Christmas romance, but also a touching, inspiring sorry on many levels. The heroine is very human, self-aware, and with a strong spiritual connection that she integrates into her life in a simple and not specifically "religious" way. Her heart's longing tells her she is ready to more powerfully fulfill not just her creative potential but her longing for genuine love as well. 


Caherz59 Dec. 13, 2022

What a wonderful debut novel by a great new author! I enjoyed every page and fell in love with the characters and storyline. 


Pam Nov. 21, 2022

I highly recommend Susan's book. Hard to believe this is her first novel. It's so nice to read an upbeat book with a positive message. This book is the perfect way to start your Christmas season. 

Another great review!




Congrats Susan, read below:


These titles are in the running for the SHORT LIST of the 2023 Chatelaine Book Awards novel competition for Romantic Fiction!

Join us in cheering on the following authors and their works in the 2023 CIBAs.

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Christmas Wish Upon A Star by Susan Bagby

  • 978-1-990066-15-3

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