Can a heart be healed in time for a Christmas wish to come true?


When an unexpected event in the children’s television world of New York catapults Alison Rockwell, a young assistant into the role of head producer for the first time, she finds herself whisked away to the country, solely responsible for the network’s biggest and most important Christmas production.

With the threat of cancellation if ratings don’t improve, Alison finds herself depending on the help of her vivacious yet somewhat mysterious host, Jake Sanders.

Jake Sanders, a handsome widower with a nine-year-old daughter is still reeling from the grief and guilt of losing his wife three years prior but is taken by surprise by this spirited producer.

Alison eventually finds out Jake Sanders has hidden secrets of his own and her trust in him is shaken. But when a conspiring boss determined to undermine her efforts becomes a threat, Alison knows she needs Jake’s help in order to succeed and continues to work with him but can’t ignore the intense chemistry growing between them.

As events transpire Alison finds herself faced with an inner dilemma of making choices in her career and following her heart. Will she wait for Jake to make a commitment to her, or will she choose her fate on her own?

Christmas Wish Upon A Star by Susan Bagby