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Peace, finally. Or so Selk and Whistler think. Barely after stepping off the plane from a second successful artifact mission, they’re confronted with staggering news. Safi, an acquaintance descended from Khonsu, reveals his family has discovered an artifact that he and Selk must return together. And Khonsu, the last living immortal, insists Selk and Safi must be “blended”—married—in order to return it. Selk racks her brain for loopholes that will keep everyone safe without keeping her and Whistler apart. But Khonsu has other plans, going to violent lengths to forbid their relationship. After entering the most challenging, unpredictable Post World yet, she knows learning Khonsu’s corrupt secrets are the best chance at survival. And this Post World itself is hiding something that will test just how much she loves Whistler. A test she’ll take without hesitation, but one that could finally cost her life.


Kristina M. Serrano’s teacher told her she would write books when she was seven years old, and the prophecy, to her delight, came true. She went on to earn an associate’s degree from CFCC and a BFA in Fiction and Certificate in Publishing from UNCW. Now, she still lives in North Carolina with her fluffy Bichon Frisé and a room full of books she enjoys rearranging as much as reading them. When not writing, you can find her reading. When not reading, you can find her writing.




Also by Author: Slow Echoes (The Post Worlds Series: Book 1), Gold Silence (The Post Worlds Series: Book 2)

Sole Voices (The Post Worlds Series: Book 3) – Kristina M. Serrano

  • 978-1-988281-51-3

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