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Over several years, Ottawa Advanced Care Paramedic Ethan Tennant has been thrust from one mystery to another while trying to balance his work and personal life. Galen Hoese from the Ottawa Police protects Ethan from himself and those who want the young paramedic out of the way. 

Ethan and his work partner Tom Lister, friends since college, have seen the worst that people can inflict upon themselves and each other in the streets of the nation's capital. 

The team puts their feelings aside except when those who want to hurt Ethan get too close, only to discover what two young paramedics are capable of.  


Available for Christmas 2023 as an e-book only



Great boxset

I very much enjoyed this mystery boxset it is very well written page turner hope there is more to come it is left open   Reviewed byBobby's Dark Angel



Is he the luckiest or unluckiest guy ever?

Ethan Tennant is living his "best life". He is an experienced paramedic in Ottawa, paired with his best friend Tom Lister. He is also best friends with police officer Galen Hoese. He has the phone number of a beautiful nurse in his pocket. Ethan and Tom are called to the scene of an apparent suicide. But there are inconsistencies and Ethan points them out to Galen. A few days later, while responding to another victim, they are flagged down by the mother of a young girl and note some suspicious circumstances. Soon it is apparent that someone is killing young girls - someone who is not happy that Ethan and friends are unraveling his work. Can this band of friends find the killer and avoid becoming his victims? A police procedural, chock full of lots of information about the work of paramedics in Ottawa, Canada; this book is amazing! Partway through, I realized this book is actually a 3 part book, like a boxed set. However, the author is able to keep up the tension all the way to the very last sentence. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading other books by this author.   

Reviewed byKestrel72


Strange Remains

Novel length book in three parts (apparently 3 different stories). I have read part one. Interesting, lovable main characters, much action. Probably not for teens nor a depressed person with poor impulse control. Murder mystery with positive romance. Full of action and unexpected twists. I will now start part 2 Part 2 Basically a new book with spacing in time after first book. Excellent detail re work of EMS. Adult, not for teens, overly graphic at times. Well written, moves right along with interesting characters. Part 3 Best of the 3 - great action. Excellent detail of how EMT deals with patient. I enjoyed the series. Good even for teens.

Reviewed byAndrew Rooks


So I just finished reading the Advance Release Copy of Perry Prete's book. WOW! The book caught me right from the first chapter. This #Book should be turned into a #Movie…a thriller. It left me hanging on the edge of my seat.  KIM

Strange Remains - A Medical Thriller

  • 978-1-990066-52-8

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