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Sweet and Spicy Somethings is a collection of short stories, each collection offering a short read with something nice to naughty. You get to choose.




If you like your romance fiction to be steamy and a little spicy, this side of the book is for you. Discover sexy cocktails in Fiji, dance the night away in Tahiti to the primal beat of drums, and get stuck in an elevator with a sexy stranger. Each story is short enough to read in one sitting and hot enough to set the mood for an evening of passion.




Light a scented candle, open a box of chocolates and get ready for bite-size romance stories set in exotic locations. Feel the heat of Africa and the freezing bite of Alaska, taste eggnog and Yarra Valley wine, and listen to the sound of the ocean on a cruise ship. There's something for everyone on this side of the book, from scuba diving to finding your soul mate in the library.

Sweet Somethings / Spicy Somethings - Eve Summers

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