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Szvirf, and his new Ratstafarian friend and companion, Musky Ratlove are now prisoners of the Dark Lord himself. Held prisoner, they stand before the Lord of Hate, about to be interrogated and probably worse. Oy!


Durik, the Holy Paladin of Shiddumbuzzin is trapped in a glass reliquary called The Bong, which is itself held inside of a pocket dimension, within a magical pouch, attached to Szvirf's belt, which the enemy has yet to become aware of. Oy!


Raz, the mighty Gillian warrior who had left to warn the city of an impending army to the south, has not been heard from since he parted ways with Grarr and Beornag. Oy!


Grarr, their elected leader, has fallen in battle. I don't need to tell you how much that sucks. Oy!


Only Beornag, the Sasquatch-holy-man, stand-up comedian-Hill Troll is still accountable for. But, can Beornag face an entire fortress full of evil monsters and the darkest magics alone? Without Grarr to guide him, all he can hope to do is improvisation.

The Chronicles of the Great Neblinski - Monsters by M.E. Dorey

  • 978-1-990066-52-8

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