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Evil stirs again in Evaria, as the Emperor of Stigia seeks to expand his control over the realm. His hopes for conquest now rest in a young female gecko. With her leading his armies to find a powerful artifact, perhaps his dream of ruling all of Evaria might finally be realized. But the Emperor is not the only one looking for this lost item, and once again, Chase, Jonas, and Kiko trek through the rainforests in search of the Glowing Grove. The young friends race to discover the secrets which will lead them to the Sword of Xanth. If they were able to recover it and return to the Chameleon King with the mystical weapon, it might swing the balance of power, keeping the Emperor of Stigia and his horned legions at bay…




Dennis Stein lives in Brockville, Ontario where he still works full-time juggling his time with career, family and writing. He has a fascination with nature, and many stories to tell of his home in the Thousand Islands area. A multiple award winning author, Dennis only began writing seriously later in life, penning several smaller projects before bringing The Gecko’s Gate series to print.


Also by Author: The Magic Cat, The Gecko’s Gate (The Gecko’s Gate: Book 1), The Gecko’s Gate: Assassins (The Gecko’s Gate: Book 2), The Scrapbook Quests

The Gecko’s Gate: The Empress (The Gecko’s Gate: Book 3) – Dennis Stein

  • 978-1-988281-45-2

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