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Crystal works as a personal assistant, but when her boss turns up sick, it is up to her to go to a rich client’s house and support him as his family prepares for his uncle’s passing. Finding her boss’ sex-filled emails makes Crystal determined to stay professional at all costs…until she meets the client’s brother, who is exactly her type of sexy. When the uncle dies under suspicious circumstances, Crystal takes on more duties than your average PA: funeral tasks, investigating multiple deaths, searching a haunted house and becoming a sexual playmate. But, someone doesn’t want her around, and they’re willing to kill to keep their inheritance. Too bad for them that Crystal’s got a few tricks of her own. In this tale of sex, murder and ghosts, sometimes the hired help is a bit more than average, and sometimes bodies just won’t stay dead.



The Inheritance Murders – E. L. Johnson

  • 978-1-988281-28-5

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