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The Scrapbook Quests is a collection of stories involving a pair of young children seek-ing adventure and missing treasures . Friends and family help them as they explore mysterious surroundings, unraveling strange, local historical stories and legends with the help of a local museum curator, and their Grandmother – the person who introduc-es them to their adventures with the help of an old scrapbook she has kept over many years.


The Scrapbook Quests is an action-packed thrill ride with ghosts, ancient mysteries, and lost treasure.


Also by Author: The Magic Cat, The Gecko’s Gate (Book 1), The Gecko’s Gate: Assassins

(Book 2), The Gecko’s Gate: The Empress (Book 3)




9 × 6 × 1 IN




I loved the collection. Although some places fell flat, imo, but then again I'm really not that young anymore to like all these. Surely kids and teens will love it. I always like the touch of the supernatural in adventure stories. I will recommend it. Bookish Veenita (Reviewer)


I struggled with this to begin with but ended up quite enjoying it. The Scrapbook Quests is a set of stories all surrounding two children looking for adventures and treasure. With the help of their grandmother and her scrapbook they embark on the unknown, A good read for KS2 & 3.. Sarah Luxton


The Scrapbook Quests – Dennis Stein

  • 978-1-988281-26-1

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