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Blood Mansion
by Robert Howell

Please Don't Die
by Meghan Schiereck


 by Heather Cratchley

Home For Love
by Susan Bagby

Letters From a Killer
By Peter Parkin & Alison Darby

From the Peter Parkin and Alison Darby Collection

Letters From A Killer DONE.png

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Learn About Sands Press

Sands Press is a Canadian publisher interested in new and established literary and fiction authors.
We are at the forefront of a changing publishing industry and recognize the industry's uniqueness as it is now. Writing is no longer restricted to WHO will publish your book but has opened up to HOW will you publish your book.  Sands Press strives to meet the demands placed upon us by the authors and the market and is currently accepting submissions in most genres.
For bulk orders and inquiries, please contact: 1.800.563.0911

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